Shunya Ekai Technologies focuses on building Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and AI powered bots for individuals as well as homes, hospitals, hotels, last mile delivery, manufacturing, enterprises, and a wide range of other industries. Shunya Ekai Technologies consists of a team of highly motivated individuals whose aim is to change the way day-to-day tasks are managed in different workplaces. Equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities and a highly intuitive software interface, these devices accumulate and process real-time data to deliver tangible and predictive analytics and automate various operations ensuring time saving, precision and accuracy.


Patentable Products

Products with design and utility patents across various countries.

Novel Technology

Use of novel technologies like Python, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. No license dependability. The right mix of hardware and software technology.

Focus On Multiple Industries

Products with utility across various industries and demographics.

Commercial And Personal Use

Focused on both B2B and B2C to have higher reach and market penetration.

Right Pricing

Building products with affordable costs and no compromise on quality.

Global Outreach

All products have global outreach and acceptability.


The RIOT series includes IoT devices and AI-powered Robots with machine learning capabilities that can be of great use to both consumers and businesses across industries. These products minimize human effort and maximize task efficiency.

AI-powered autonomous bots.
IoT devices with machine learning capabilities.

Custom Development


The customer’s ideation and needs are understood first, and then a detailed plan is curated on how all the features required can be integrated into the device using advanced technologies.


The development process is focused on integrating all essential features while ensuring optimal space utilization.


The custom made devices are launched after thorough testing, bug fixing and ensuring that they are functioning optimally.


Technological advances have helped industries globally to grow and improve their processes at a much faster pace. On one hand, the use of Robotics is helping remove redundancy, optimize efforts, streamline operations, automate functions and on the other hand IoT is playing a significant role in collecting meaningful data in real time, improving access as well as enhancing control over the day to day business operations. Shunya Ekai Technologies is focused on building useful and efficient IoT and Robotic products for various industries to help fasten the adaptation of advanced technology while ensuring the right impact and faster growth.

Waste Management
Data Transmission
Home Automation
Cleaning and Maintenance
Security and Surveillance
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Company Highlights

Products Ready For

7 products ready for launch.

Products Under

4 products under development.

Patents Pending

3 patents pending.

Markets Focused

Focus on India, KSA and UAE.