Shunya Ekai Technologies expertises in building new age IoT Devices and Autonomous Mobility Bots to automate operations, solve challenges across various industries and improve human efficiency and lifestyle. Packed by Artificial Intelligence / machine learning capabilities and a seamlessly integrated software interface, these devices are capable of gathering and collating real-time data to provide meaningful analytics and perform operations flawlessly.


Patentable Products

Most products can get design and utility patents across various countries.

Novel Technology

Use of novel technologies like Python, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. No license dependability. Right mix of hardware and software technology.

Focus On Multiple Industries

Not specific to 1 industry. Building products with utility across various industries and demographics.

Commercial And Personal Use

Focused at both B2B and B2C to have higher reach and market penetration.

Right Pricing

Building products with optimised costs with no compromise on quality. Enabling us to sell at a competitive price in the market.

Global Outreach

All products have global outreach and acceptability.


RIOT stands for Robotics and the Internet of Things. A versatile variety of AI-powered Robots and IoT devices with machine learning capabilities that can be of great use to both consumers and businesses in all sectors are curated by Shunya Ekai Technologies. The RIOT products minimise human effort and maximize task efficiency as they can function autonomously.

AI-powered autonomous functioning bots.
IoT devices with machine learning capabilities.

Custom Development


The customer’s ideation and needs are understood first, and then a detailed plan is curated on how all the features required can be integrated in a device using advanced technologies.


Robots and IoT devices by Shunya Ekai Technologies are developed after intensive research by an experienced and diligent research and development team.


The custom made IoT device and Robots are launched after thorough testing, bug fixing and ensuring that they are functioning optimally.


The products of Shunya Ekai Technologies not only improve the efficiency of operations in industries like healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, automobiles, smart city development, safety & security solutions, logistics, waste management and many more but also improve domestic work efficacy by providing a variety of smart home devices.

Waste Management
Data Transmission
Home Automation
Cleaning and Maintenance
Security and Surveillance
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Company Highlights

Products Ready For

7 Products are ready for launch.

Products Under

4 Products are under development.

Patents Pending

3 Patents are pending.

Markets Focused

Focus on India, KSA and UAE markets.