Product Description

HomTwo is a home automation device with touch-sensitive switchboards that help you monitor and manage all the switches of multiple homes and commercial spaces remotely, using an app. It provides the real-time status of your switches, appliance specific utility data, and categorises your home/commercial space making it very easy for you to monitor & manage your switches. It has a QR based pairing feature that ensures easy pairing, optimal security and privacy. It can be paired with multiple other sensors like smoke detectors or automated light sensors making it easy for you to manage and control multiple sensors using one app.

Product Features

Easy Installation

Alerts in Real Time

Remotely Manage All Switches

Unlimited User Access

Touchscreen Switchboard

Water Resistant

Product Features



Blood Pressure

Digital Camera

Digital Thermometer

Pulse Oximeter

User Journey


Configure Device


Remotely Manage All Switches


Add Unlimited Users


Real Time Alerts

App Features

Control Multiple Switches
Switch Specific Utility Data
Share Control
QR Code Pairing Ensures Privacy
Integration With Other Sensors
Residential & Commercial Categorisation

User Case

It makes your commercial/living space lucrative and safe by curating a smart automation system enabling you to monitor & control all your electrical switches using an app, saving your time, money and the energy consumption of your home/commercial space. One master user regulates the user access. The master user can permit & forbid unlimited users to access and control the switchboards. You can manage devices in one manner, if you turn on the device using the app, you won’t be able to turn it off manually and vice versa.

The app contains the status of all of the electrical switches in your home, alleviating your anxiety about leaving any electrical appliance accidentally on, which can have fatal consequences and increase your utility bills.
It simplifies the task of monitoring a plethora of electrical switches like in an office or a hospital setting, which is nearly impossible to do manually and leads to a huge wastage of energy and money. You can add unlimited users and monitor all your electrical switches remotely.

How to Use

The following series of videos have a detailed explanation of how you can use all the features of HomTwo.


Who is a master user? Who is a master user?

You can have one master user per device. The master user will have admin access and will be able to add and remove access from as many users as they want.

Can I change the alert settings? Can I change the alert settings?

Yes. You can tweak the settings to only receive the alerts you require, and time you receive the alerts as well.

Can I turn switches on and off from my app even if I’m not inside the house? Can I turn switches on and off from my app even if I’m not inside the house?

In Variant1: You can only turn the switch off from the app if it was turned on from the app. Switches that are turned on manually, cannot be turned off using your app remotely.

In Variant2: You can command control from anywhere using the app.

How will the device integrate with different types of switchboards? How will the device integrate with different types of switchboards?

We have different devices for different types of boards like two boards, three boards and four boards to accommodate as per your switchboard.

Difference between variant one and variant two? Difference between variant one and variant two?

1. The main difference is that for variant1, the automation will be integrated in your existing switchboard, which is less expensive than Variant2 and it can be done by your electrician.

2. Another difference is that in Variant1, if you have turned a switch on manually, you dont want be able to turn it off remotely, whereas in Variant2 you can invariably command control remotely.

3. You will receive individual switches usage data in Variant2.